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HI Everyone

Thanks for coming to my session on evidence-based nutritional interventions for brain health and wellbeing.

There is a lot of nonsense out there in the world of nutrition so my mission is to only provide information that is based on good-quality studies done on humans, because, well...you are not a mouse. 

The image above is a cheat sheet for the foods that currently have the best evidence of having a positive impact on brain health. These are the recommendations suitable for most people to stay healthy. Of course if you have a particular health risk or allergy you may benefit from a modified or more personal nutritional approach. 

The main take homes are to eat a wide variety of foods, mostly plants, and to keep balance in mind. Food isn't only about nutrients, it's is about socialising and pleasure too. What matters is not making each and every individual meal nutritionally 'perfect' (that's a recipe for food anxiety and obsession) but to take in a range of nutrients across a variety of food that you enjoy. 

If you have any specific questions about anything that came up in the session, or nutritional psychiatry in general, you can drop me a line at hello@monumentalhealth.co.uk and get daily updates on Instagram and Twitter @FoodandPsych